Ant Farm Educational Kit (Free Ants with Queen)


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It is a professional ants nest that guarantees good condition and survival of ants. Perfect for educational environments, schools, workshops and for parents who see this gift as anything more than a whim or something decorative. Includes a free Complete ants colony: Queen, workers, eggs and larvae for you to have a complete ants nest. Antfarm Educational Kit nest perfect for medium sized colonies. It includes a built-in foraging box with lid and humidity system at both sides. Easy to clean due to its anchors with screws. To moisten the nest we will use a syringe with water and wet the green foam in a way that it does not absorb more water but allowing the water to spread out by the plastic folds of the nest. You must be careful to avoid flooding the galleries. The green foam must always be wet. To feed the ants, use the foraging box. You can put there a trough and a water trough. You can use any anti-escape system to prevent escapes. The nest has a hole used to connect another nest or an auxiliary foraging box. Remember to block it with cotton. Suitable for all types of species and sizes, as long as they are not exceptionally big nor exceptionally small. Contents: 1x Acryl – Medium Horizontal 15x15x1cm. 1x Complete ants colony: Queen, workers, eggs and larvae are included, so you can start enjoying immediately 1x 10g Water-Honey. 1x 50g canary seeds.


  • True anthill, valid for the raise of ants, with queen.
  • Ants already included, with Queen, workers, eggs, larva, all complete.
  • All what is needed to start at the world of ants; you won’t need anything else.
  • The ants are inside a test tube, with food and water for three weeks. They were borne in that tube and are ok.
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